Love Greatly

In Folk, Soul on March 4, 2012 at 5:33 pm

Where to begin. A thing happened in Virginia Beach, VA in mid February that doesn’t usually happen in Virginia Beach, VA, regardless of the time of year.  It was a living room show, a potluck, a gathering of singing, songwriting friends, which seems normal enough. But there was also a laptop computer, running dutifully, and a microphone to capture these moments, as pristine as they are raw.  Squeaking strings, some slightly off their intended tuning, knocks at the front door, crowd banter in the background, they all combine to create this world of intimacy and realness.

On a project like this, you might expect some clunkers, but you will not get any here. You might expect a general ceiling on how good the best songs might be, too. Wrong again. Instead, this collection serves to shine a light on a few truly amazing songs that will be resonating through my speakers for an indefinite amount of time.

Ian Thornton has to be considered the highlight of the bunch. His rough-hewn old soul voice and fingerpicked guitar arpeggiations hypnotize with ease. They sweep and swirl with slow-burning emotional restraint and with the aplomb of a seasoned road warrior.  I will now be requiring a full-length recording immediately, thank you. Twins Jenni & Jessi Hunt provide another transcendent moment with “Subject to Sink”. Two members of a 9-member folk-singing family band The Hunts, they stepped on their own to the forefront here with this beautiful duet.

Listen and enjoy:

The album is as cheap as free and as expensive as you deem worthy.
[get it here]


“Lost in the Light”

In Folk, Indie, Soul on January 31, 2012 at 3:43 pm

A sleepy, smoky bar. Tall tables and ashtrays, scattered and half-full. A few barflies bellied up, backs turned to the stage. A golden guitar appears before the microphone.  The speakers bark as the cord slides home and one of the silent strangers glances over at the guitar. A pale hand grips the fretboard, its partner poised above the pickups. Twang, CHK, twang, CHK. Every chord, a heartbeat. Every heartbeat, a breath. Every breath, an ascension. Bar stools slowly swivel towards the spotlights. The barkeep has stopped sweeping up yesterday’s dust, his hands and chin resting on the end of the broom. The golden guitar speaks softly. Twang, CHK, heartbeats align, the room breathes in, the room breathes out.  The beats, the breaths, and the dust the only sounds, cutting away the darkness.

Bahamas is the soundchild of Feist’s touring guitarist, Toronto’s Alfie Jurvanen. Barchords is out February 7th on Brushfire Records. Stream the whole thing over at Paste.

White Rabbits “Heavy Metal”

In hype, Indie, Pop, Rock on January 30, 2012 at 4:32 pm

I couldn’t not post this new track from White Rabbits, because the video is super rad and the song might be even better. These guys have come a long way since their Cold War Kids-esque “Percussion Gun” period. Here the beat slips into a slick groove and never comes back out, the perfect hype track that leaves you wanting so much more. Their third long-player Milk Famous drops on March 6th.

Download “Heavy Metal” here free.

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