Fight for Canada: Serene vs. Reverie

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Today’s  post will take two points of view on the same subject, with two examples to illustrate. This whole “Canadian sound”, proliferated by Broken Social Scene and their many, many related projects, is finally getting to me. In a not-so-good way.
I’ll be the first to remind you that The Most Serene Republic‘s Population was my #1 record of 2007, and that I’ve been waiting with bated breath to hear their follow-up …And the Ever Expanding Universe, which dropped yesterday. And I’ll say that I enjoy it, that it’s pushing the envelope of the sound they developed to perfection back in ’07. It’s a little weirder, a little darker, less hooky overall, but a really good album that I’m liking more with each listen. Unlike the band I’m about to talk about, TMSR have progressed as a band, had more to say to the world, and gone places where it might not have been as comfortable as they would have liked. For this, they get my props. You should buy this record.

The Most Serene Republic – Catharsis Boo
[from …And the Ever Expanding Universe|buy]

On the other hand, however, we have Reverie Sound Revue, who I desperately wanted to like so much more than I do.  They released a very well-received EP in 2003, which immediately recalls the signature sound of TMSR, and their long-awaited full-length debut was supposed to be a landmark album…except it’s just not. If anything, it’s a step back from the EP.  Am I really to believe that this band sounds identically the same 6 years later? And that this is a good thing? If the songs were better, they’d have a shot to at least pacify me, but they simply aren’t. One or two momentary bright spots amidst an album of monotonous vanilla “Canadian indie rock” sound. It’s so cliche that it’s almost a parody at this point. Can we get over this supposed love affair with this sound?  Hi, 2004 called. They want their sound back. It was great for awhile, but let’s let the past be passed, can’t we?

Reverie Sound Revue – We Are the Opposite of Thieves
[from Reverie Sound Revue LP|buy]

  1. killer vibe on catharsis. good stuff

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