Super Top Secret Powers

In Pop on July 23, 2009 at 1:05 pm

I have a secret.

I may have just found the soundtrack of my summer. I know, I know. We tend to toss these terms around haphazardly. Hear me out, you pop junkies, you.

Secret Powers and the Electric Family Choir sound like an audio smoothie made from bits and pieces of many of my favorite bands (Jellyfish, The Flaming Lips, Beach Boys, ELO, Elvis Costello, Fountains of Wayne, Polyphonic Spree and Maritime all come through, to varying degrees). It’s classic all-eras pop to the Nth degree, chock full of weird electronic moments, dripping with harmonic nostalgia. Somehow, it works, and I mostly just feel brainwashed by the Cult of the Sun. As in sunshine. I want to don a linen robe and dance around in technicolor fields, to braid a crown of dandelions and huff balloons of nitrous, to grow a golden beard.

Orange Trees
One Less Star
[from Secret Powers and the Electric Family Choir|buy]


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