Unraveling Slaraffenland

In Rock on July 24, 2009 at 4:53 pm

slaraffenlandWhat exactly is Slaraffenland? Is it a location? An emotion? An accidental slip of the tongue? I decided to find out.

Turns out Slaraffenland is one of the best bands I’d never heard before. They’re from Denmark, which explains this in part, and as far as additional hard information goes, there’s not much to go on. Turns out Pitchfork (gave Private Cinema a 7.9)and Stereogum beat me to the punch, by two years even, but as I sit here listening to this amazing band, I couldn’t be more surprised that it has taken this long to get to me.  Really, the only information you need to be swayed is the sonic information surging through the circuitry of your speaker wires. There are many little things at play herein. The reverent granduer of Doves, the creative rock of mid-period Radiohead, the playfulness (and horns) of Sufjan Stevens. Mostly, Slaraffenland sounds like a great band, devoid of pretentiousness, recording and playing in a relative vaccuum on the other side of the globe.  I think it’s time to break the glass. We’re on Your Side (out in early September) may just be the sharp instrument we need.

I’ve decided that Slaraffenland may indeed be a destination, one I intend to visit from now until a long time from now, with eyes closed and toes tapping along.

Meet and Greet
[from We’re on Your Side (out 9/7)|myspace]
Watch Out
[from Private Cinema|buy]

  1. Away is a beautiful song!

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