Listening Assignments 7.27.2009

In Listening Assignments on July 27, 2009 at 4:32 pm

freenergy1. Free Energy – Free Energy – I’ve heard two songs by this band and they both feel like Summer fire burning up the boardwalk, like the ocean might just evaporate from the heat. This music was made for fire-hydrant-sprinkler-parties and bare feet on hot asphalt. [from Free Energy|myspace]

clientele2. The Clientele – I Wonder Who We Are – This might be my new favorite Clientele song, stuffed full of horns, hip English guitars, and (of course), more reverb. [from Bonfires on the Heath(out 10.6)|myspace]

grassblades3. Red River – Something Good – The pace of this song is like a lifetime of discovery. And what the hell did it all mean in the end? [from Grassblades|buy]

tillman4. J. Tillman – Marked in the Valley – Sometimes the most beautiful thing is also the simplest thing. It’s like a hymn, just a half-strum and that molten-lead voice. “You must know I lied for my birthright and sold it on the roadside for half what it was worth.” And this guy plays drums for Fleet Foxes. [from Year in the Kingdom (out 9.22)|myspace]


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