Illinois avoids Catastrophe

In Bluegrass, Folk, Pop, Rock on July 28, 2009 at 2:34 pm

illinoisThere are enough tracks (20) on Illinois The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe to satisfy even the marathon listeners among us and there’s a reason it’s paced like a soundtrack. We’re too late to catch the Adventures as they unfolded, in EP (and video) form, on the 1st Tuesday of every month since last November. However, we can take a look back on Kid as one continuous narrative and see what happened.  Or if the months of stumping on every avenue of the internet mattered in the end.

By all accounts, this is a fantastic band, though they might also be giant liars (they’re from Pennsylvania). By my account, they are also very strange, in a good way. This record is uneven and different, much like an actual soundtrack, an odd marriage of edgy electronics and pure acoustic folk. The mood sways to and fro, from self-deprecation to self-medication to cynicism to elation to heartbreak to bitterness, and while not all of it works, the things that do are borderline transcendent.  It was a very ambitious undertaking, this 22-minute film and accompanying soundtrack, an ambition that both lifts and sinks Illinois’ hopes for success. I think it might have been just a little too big to hit me right where I needed it (mostly, the electro stabs didn’t do it for me). You might feel differently after you hear these two incredible songs and watch the film below.

An Open Door
Irish Whiskey
[from The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe|buy]


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