The One and Only Antony

In Folk, Soul on July 29, 2009 at 1:12 pm

cryinglightI’ve written about Antony before, as I certainly should have, and I know he’s not for everyone but he is most definitely for many someones out there. Maybe even you.

I’m convinced that the aged spirit of Nina Simone lives inside this man. This singular mouth-full-of-marbles voice drives these tunes with significant weight, like a soul crying for salvation. It is not really the sound of a voice at all, but more akin to hearing the blood pounding through your ear drums. It’s something deeper, something biological, that interprets these notes in their own funny ways, lulling me to sleep, massaging my tear ducts, pulling my smile strings. It is the sound of an underdog asserting his/herself as an alpha of this musical landscape we tread.

I Was Young When I Left Home (w/ Bryce Dessner of the National)
[from Dark Was The Night|buy this amazing charity compilation]
[from The Crying Light|buy]

  1. I love Antony and he is spectacular to behold live.

  2. Really one of the most emotionally emotive and moving singers around.

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