Natalie’s New Rap

In Bluegrass, Folk, Indie on August 2, 2009 at 11:55 am

natprass2 From inauspicious beginnings in Virginia Beach, VA to ambitious fruitions in Nashville, TN, Natalie Prass is positioning herself to make a beautiful noise in the industry with the release of Small and Sweet. She has much in common with her pal Brooke Waggoner in the spunk department; it’s hard to picture her singing without a wry smile wrapped around the words.  This EP is stylistically eons ahead of two-headed folkmonster Danatalie, her former duo with the also-talented Dana Alexandra.

Prass has grown into her syrup-smooth voice and her fingers have learned to deftly pick out dancing melodies on her sparkling telecaster. These developments notwithstanding, the most impressive thing about Small and Sweet is the songwriting, constantly flowing between inventively upbeat and achingly honest.  Her backing band is tasteful and gifted, providing the perfect bed on which Natalie’s dynamic folk-tinged gems lay. The arrangements are simply impeccable, highlighted by a clever horn section that makes multiple appearances at unexpected but opportune times.  The hardest thing about this review was picking two songs to include. You should buy this record.

Small & Sweet
A Good Man
[from Small and Sweet|buy]


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