Oh Regina

In Folk, Pop, Soul on August 5, 2009 at 1:13 pm

regina2As you may know, there’s something inherently special about Regina Spektor. I’m guessing it was apparent the moment she was delivered, in Moscow, with the eyes of a real-life precious moments figurine. It was probably compounded seconds later, when her first cry hit a perfect high C.  She was put here to sing and play piano and write songs that sound like conversations with an intelligent and thoughtful 8-year-old girl. Every line seems to end with the slightest of upturns, rhyming gets tossed out the window, her fingers tap the keys faster, slower, her voice rising, falling, like a throwback on some Vaudeville stage. Frankly, I’d pay money to listen to her sing the alphabet.

Laughing With
[from Far|buy]

  1. omg. She should totally make a sing-a-long record. Alphabet, colors, animals etc for kids. I would totally buy that for my child.

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