Defining Fanfarlo

In Carnival, Indie, Pop on August 12, 2009 at 12:52 pm

fanfarloI like to think of a Fanfarlo as being some unit of measurement between two dimensions, instead of just a band from London. I feel caught between two worlds, neither of this Earthly plane.  I feel like a hot air balloon. I feel like a sunflower. I feel inflated. I feel renewed. I have gone supernova.

This record does rare things. It’s moving, while simultaneously discouraging of your movement. As in, don’t you dare move from that chair. Yes, you may tap your toes. It flows like something molten, around bends and over sand-shined pebbles. Muted trumpets and glockenspiels and mandolins and ukuleles bring circus-like aura into a picnic-like setting. You can almost hear bees buzzing, the wind lapping at branches of shade trees, their leaves already changing green to dappled red. The distance between this place and that place. That’s a Fanfarlo.

The Walls are Coming Down
[from Reservoir|buy]

  1. this album hasn’t come out of my cd player in weeks. i absolutely cannot get enough of it! every song is utter perfection. i just ordered the special edition cd cuz it boasts some extra goodies. i cannot wait to receive it! i’ve said it before, you have impeccable taste in music, sir.

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