Listening Assignments 8.18.09

In Listening Assignments on August 18, 2009 at 4:14 pm

blackmagix1. Magic Wands – Black Magic – It’s pretty easy to get the kids dancing these days. Just toss a dirty guitar hook over synthed drums and handclaps and group-sing. Still, my hips are affected, here in my chair. It’s like some kind of…black magic? [from Magic, Love, and Dreams EP|buy]

2. The Swell Season – In These Arms – Everyone’s favorite Oscar-winning non-couple is back with emotional vengeance this Fall. Hear an amazing acoustic set of a lot of new stuff on NPR, here. [from Strict Joy (out 10.27)|pre-order]
KoC3. Kings of Convenience – Mrs. Cold – Another blog/fan fave is coming back after a lengthy layoff (and side projects like The Whitest Boy Alive). Ukulele work from 1:22-1:37 alone makes me incredibly excited. This goes down like cold lemonade in the shade. [from Declaration of Dependence (out 10.20)|info]

4. Ida Maria – Keep Me Warm – “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked” punk/rocker shows a beautiful soft side. This album is surprisingly diverse. [from Fortress Round My Heart|buy]


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