Nathan’s New Routine

In Folk, Indie on August 20, 2009 at 2:20 pm

nathanphillipsIt appeared that linesthroughlines favorites The Winston Jazz Routine had simply dropped off the map after their incredibly affecting 2007 album Sospiri. I started to get anxious and I decided to find out what happened.

My supersleuthing led me to Nathan Phillips. The mastermind behind tWJR had simply orchestrated a name switcheroo. It seems the former moniker brought some confusion, with thin-mustachioed, beret-wearing jazz enthusiasts showing up to shows expecting improvised guitar solos and a smoke-and-booze-filled club.  Only to find Nathan, one dude, with his guitar. So this all makes sense (though I loved the name, for the record).

The silver lining is that Phillips has a new album, picking up where Sospiri left off. Postcard contains 9 songs that feel like love-letters sent through time. Like flakes of snow gently dusting the ground.  Like 16 candles, the moment they whisper out.  Like watching 8mm silent home movies and remembering your mother in that one yellow dress she used to wear. And wondering if she wasn’t the most wonderful woman to ever walk this green earth.

Thunder Bay, Ontario
Old Ways
[from Postcard|buy]

*you should buy Sospiri too. Because it’s effing incredible, that’s why.


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