David Bazan, Reborn

In Folk, Indie on September 1, 2009 at 2:37 pm

davidbazanDavid Bazan has drifted towards and away from me for the entirety of our music courtship. I’ve seen him live as Pedro the Lion, I’m blogged about him, and he’s been placed on mix-CD’s on my behalf (thanks again, Alex!), but now he’s coming back into my shallow waters with a new record that is probably exactly what I needed to hear from his mouth.

There are many poignant things in life, but few are more appealing to me than religious struggle, probably because of the enormous consequences hanging in the balance and because the nostalgic ties to ones upbringing are so hard to cut. This is a man who in the past has stood in front of church and youth group congregations, but now stands on a stage playing songs he longer believes. Paste Magazine listed him as one of the 100 greatest living songwriters before this album, which might be his greatest accomplishment.

How he so deftly slices himself open, I’ll never begin to know.

“you used to sound like a prophet
and everyone wanted to know
how you could tell the truth
without losing that soft glow
but now you feel like a salesman
closing another deal
or some drunk ship captain
raging after the white whale…

…you used to feel like the prodigal returning
but now you hate what you’ve made
and you want to watch it burn.”

-“Lost My Shape”

He also played a ballyhooed house show in Brooklyn last night, which is already up on the web for your viewing/listening pleasure. [watch it!]

Please, Baby, Please
[from Curse Your Branches|buy|stream @ Spinner]
Fewer Broken Pieces
[from Fewer Moving Parts|buy]


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