Hell Yeah Ghost

In Electronic, Pop, Soul on October 2, 2009 at 2:41 pm

yeahghostMmmm, Zero 7 is back again with a slurry of new singers, the most prominent of whom being a newcomer (to me) simply named Eska. Despite a few iffy reviews I stumbled upon, I actually favor Yeah Ghost to their last offering. The music is, for the most part, plinky and bright, with Eska’s scattered-soul voice carrying it for much of the way. The album essentially plays out like an experimentation into various realms of pop songwriting. There are uptempo, dancy numbers followed by sultry afternoon nap songs and “The Road”, which could (should?) have closed the album, is a beautiful male/female duet, sung over solitary Wurlitzer and stand up bass. It’s certainly an odd place to end up, after first visiting the clubby Black-Eyed Peas-esque “Mr. Magee” earlier in the record, but it works. Having multiple vocalists, changing even those from LP to LP, would be a difficult barrier for most bands, but Zero 7 succeeds in maintaining “their” sound and attracting new fans with each offering.

Medicine Man
The Road
[from Yeah Ghost|buy]

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