(500) Days of Zooey

In Soundtrack on October 5, 2009 at 1:16 pm

500daysI go back and forth on Zooey Daschanel. Are her ridiculously large eyes adorable or actually too big? Is her dark, husky, caramel-like voice endearing or annoying? Have we all been brainwashed by a childhood of seeing our mother’s Precious Moments collection scattered around the house? And then I realize it doesn’t matter. I’m happily engaged, for one, and for another, for all extents and purposes, she doesn’t exist.

So when I saw (500) Days of Summer a few nights ago (and about two months later than everyone else), and it didn’t go as expected, I had to remind myself of Zoey’s separation from reality so I could talk myself into really liking the movie. Which I do. Confused yet?

I’m not trying to play spoiler here, so I’ll try to tread lightly. Her name in the movie is Summer (get it?) and Summer is pretty frustrating. She plays it safe, too safe, with men…tells them one thing with words, tells them the opposite thing with actions. In other words, fairly common female behavior. You find out very early on that this relationship is not going to end in the way you thought it would when you walked in. Which, I’ve decided, is exactly as it should be. Because Summer, Zooey, or even the girl in every romantic comedy that ends up kissing the right guy in the end, doesn’t exist. Normal human males do not meet girls like that, fall madly in love, and live happily ever after.

So (500) Days of Summer ends exactly the way it should. It’s hopeful, imperfect and real, the rust-edged chrome fender of a bike you’ve ridden more than a few times. You should see it. You should love the one you have, because she’s more perfect than Zooey Daschanel ever could be. And she’s real.

Hall & Oates – You Make My Dreams
[from (500) Days of Summer OST|Buy]

P.S. Tomorrow I’ll be covering an amazing band who happens to also be on the soundtrack, The Temper Trap. Stay tuned…

  1. “You should love the one you have, because she’s more perfect than Zooey Daschanel ever could be. And she’s real.” This is the only part of this post I agree with.

  2. hah! I’m both grateful and sorry to hear that.

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