It’s a Trap!

In Electronic, Indie, Pop, Rock on October 6, 2009 at 9:54 am

tempertrapThe soundtrack for (500) Days of Summer is a motley mix of feel-goods and classic downers, well-knowns and unknowns, and in many ways made the film as poignant as it was. What I like most about it is that it brought my attention back to an album that had been sitting in my inbox for a few months. It will languish there no longer. The band is Melbourne’s The Temper Trap. This band is good.

“Sweet Disposition” is the song getting all the run, thanks in large part to the trailer and aforementioned soundtrack, but there are numerous standouts on Conditions.  The absurdly catchy and punchy “Fader” will most definitely make my top tracks of 2009 while “Soldier On” displays the sonic diversity at hand, plunging from a Thom Yorke-like stark opening half into a moving midtempo reverb assault. “Science of Fear”, featuring some additional programming by DJ Shadow, is another rhythmically intriguing wash of guitars and sonic excellence. Cliche descriptions/comparisons aside, this is just a really nice, cohesive album that almost fell through the cracks. Almost.

Sweet Disposition
[from Conditions|buy]

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Your analysis is spot on. I enjoyed both tunes. My complaint, as usual, probably due to a combination of my age and years of abusing my ears and my sort of “lyrical nature,” is diction. I struggle to understand the words, which to me detracts from the great instrumentation and overall excellence of the music.

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