They are Night Zombies!! They are Neighbors!!

In Folk, Pop, Rock, Zombies!!! on October 11, 2009 at 12:44 pm

zombieshaunThere are conflicting reports on whether today is National Zombie Day or not. So I’m just going to say it is. I’d be fine with every day being National Zombie Day. Just talking about it is stirring a fierce hunger within me for fresh brains. I want to run amuck in the streets, I want to bite unsuspecting passersby, I want to slowly decompose. Fleeting immortality appeals to me, as does being hunted by a machete-wielding heroine. I long to feel the rush of a slow-motion chase, to have my native language devolve into primal muttering, to wear tattered rags and never have to clean my room again. If you see me lurching in your direction, run.

Dead Man’s Bones – My Body’s a Zombie for You
Banjo Kate – Zombie Jamboree
Chris Garneau – Love Zombies
Shoot Straight Crew – Zombies


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