Listening Assignments 11.10.09

In Listening Assignments on November 10, 2009 at 10:31 am

elephantstakeit1. The Elephants – Take It! – Exhuberantly encouraging, beautifully constructed, and abruptly ended. There’s a pie in the sky and it’s yours if you want it.  Take it! [from Take It!|buy]
2. Jookabox – You Cried Me – It’s important you know that we are going to dance naked around a fire and howl at the moon. This is a fact. [from Dead Zone Boys|buy]
decibully3. Decibully – Prom Jam – It’s a shame when bands this good get dropped from awesome labels like Polyvinyl and even worse when albums this good (and anticipated) get shelved for well over a year [read about it @ the Onion AV Club]. This is masterfully paced, a lullaby-into-crescendo, a young love’s swansong.  [from World Travels Fast (out TBA)|myspace]
4. Will Stratton – Vermont – I’d be a lot more upset about this sounding too much like Red House Painters if it weren’t so damned good. A really enjoyable little EP, raw and echoed and radiant. [from Vile Bodies EP|free download|No Wonder LP|buy]


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