LAKE ‘n Bake

In Folk, Indie, Pop on November 11, 2009 at 2:04 pm

lakeMake sure when you talk about Olympia’s LAKE that you capitalize the letters. I have reason to believe they’ll throw daisies at you if you refuse. Either that or drench you with some kind of homemade sun-capturing device they’ve been saving for just this occasion. Just capitalize it and don’t think twice.

Let’s Build a Roof is as lo-fi as the trees and wind and just as affecting. It’s a warm. musical breeze weaving through the woods to the tiny cabin in which you stand, cupping your ear to the door. It is the sound of ripples on the LAKE, lapping gently against the side of your rowboat. The sound of twinkling stars, of whisper-thin cloud cover, of forest creatures falling in love.

LAKE is about to bring you copious amounts of joy.

Loose Wind
Don’t Give Up
[from Let’s Build a Roof|buy]
[from Oh, The Places We’ll Go|buy]

  1. I love this band!!!

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