A Black Posting

In Folk, Indie, Pop, Rock on November 27, 2009 at 2:32 pm

The clock ticked. The clock tocked. At 5AM, the multitudes flocked. Lines drifted ’round the block. Everything you came for was out of stock. You are so outrageously focked.

I’ll admit that something in my blood wanted to go shopping today. I had the patriotic urge to spend ridiculous amounts of cash, to save 40% on something I didn’t need, to set myself up for a few hours of hell on earth. But I was able to resist and I’m blogging instead. It’s free!

I hope you have leftover thanksgiving feast upon which you may feast again. I hope your day was bright and sunny. I miss you dearly.

Lovedrug – Blackout
[from Pretend You’re Alive|buy]
Ohbijou – Black Ice
[from Beacons|buy]
Gregory Alan Isakov – Big Black Car
[from The Empty Northern Hemisphere|buy]


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