Darwin’s Re-Evolution

In Electronic, Indie, Pop, Rock on January 21, 2010 at 4:52 pm

The first post of 2010 deserved to be a good one. It could have easily been about Vampire Weekend making the “sophomore slump” seem like something that only happens to everyone else. Or Spoon going back to the drawing board and crafting another flawless spectacle out of tinfoil and toothpicks. It’d be too obvious and tell you absolutely nothing you don’t already know.

Instead, my first post of 2010 is about someone you’ve (probably) never heard of. It’s a guy who, at first glance, looks like such a hipster that I gagged. And then I pressed play. Three seconds into “Constellations”, I was sold. Next song, boom. Next song, bam. It’s so on.

He goes by the name of Darwin Deez and his sound is certainly evolutionary. This gentleman plays a 4-string guitar of his own secret tuning and makes me beg the question “why do we need the other two again?” Someone either hilarious or genius (or both) has named him the Michael Jackson of indie rock. All I really care about is that this combo of endless melodies, jagged plucky guitars, summer-soaked drums and handclaps are nothing short of infectious. Astouding, even. I’m giddy.

The City
Bad Day
[from Darwin Deez|buy]

  1. I saw him last year in D.C. and bought their album online. Really fun stuff.

  2. […] you…but I’m sorry if it ever is, but I’m sorry if it ever is.” Read more here. [mp3] 7. Vampire Weekend – White Sky – A wordless hook the size of a beach ball and a […]

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