the Best Songs of 2010

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50. Tokyo Police Club – Breakneck Speed
49. Snowden – Anenome Arms
48. matt pond PA – Brooklyn Fawn
47. Fionn Regan – Catacombs
46. A Weather – Winded
45. Solid Gold – One in a Million
44. Joanna Newsom – ’81
43. Rogue Wave – I’ll Never Leave You
42. Frightened Rabbit – Foot Shooter
41. The Streets – Trust Me
40. Sharon Van Etten – Love More
39. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Sink/Let it Sway
38. Yamon, Yamon – Alonso – Surprisingly relevant indie rock from Sweden. Nods to all the artists they are smart to be nodding to (Elliott Smith, Vampire Weekend, American Football). [mp3]
37. The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio
36. Foals – This Orient – Something a little complicated turns into something a little more. [mp3]
35. Gorillaz – Superfast Jellyfish
34. Brazos – Mrs. Virginia – A motivating bassline, a jagged-edged Saturday anthem. [mp3]
33. My Luminaries – A Little Declaration – Heaviness. Lightness. Guitars. Footstomping. Power. Stuck. Happy. [mp3]
32. Pomegranates – ’50s
31. Jai Paul – BTSTU
30. Shapiro – Battle of Beatrix
29. Rafter – Timeless Form, Formless Time
28. Greg Macpherson – Broken Dreams – Smiling and Boss-like, driving, foot stomping, head-nodding. [mp3]
27. Ra Ra Riot – Foolish
26. Broken Bells – The High Road
25. The Morning Benders – Promises
24. Kanye West w. Dwele – Power
23. Broadcast 2000 – Your Own Worst Enemy
22. The Dream – Yamaha – an almost reckless use of Prince inspiration. Love it.[mp3]
21. The Shivers – Yes and No
20. Wesafari – Lions
19. Valley Maker – Abraham and Isaac – A senior thesis on the narratives of Genesis unexpectedly spawned an intensely intimate, spiritual, and amazing album. [mp3]
18. Wild Nothing – Summer Holiday
17. Dr. Dog – Stranger
16. Eliza Doolittle – Missing
15. Drake f. The Dream – Shut it Down
14. Tame Impala – It is Not Meant to Be
13. Baths – Hall
12. Arcade Fire – Modern Man
11. Colour Revolt – Our Names [mp3]
10. Chris Merritt – Sugar – Immediately captivating and one of Merritt’s best songs (a high compliment). Loving desperation at its boiling point. “I don’t want to call you, I just want to feel you. I don’t want to write you, I just want to touch you.” [mp3]
9. Autolux – Headless Sky – Melting my brain with midnight. Grinding, starless, none more black. [mp3]
8. Darwin Deez – Bad Day – the ultimate awkward “I hate you” anthem with an endearing silver lining at the end. I read early on that this was written about an ex-roommate who was a tyrant to live with. It puts into words all the things you might want to say to someone you can’t stand. But Darwin is just too likeable to be all bad news: “Cuz every day aughta be a bad day for you…but I’m sorry if it ever is, but I’m sorry if it ever is.” Read more here. [mp3]
7. Vampire Weekend – White Sky – A wordless hook the size of a beach ball and a beat that can only be described as “carbonated” make this one of the lightest and happy songs of the year. It’s the soundtrack to a montage, where everyone is young and running, eyes wide shut, absorbing the sun and everything is truly attainable. [mp3]
6. California Wives – Blood Red Youth – beautifully crafted and built from equal parts nostalgia and harmonics. [mp3]
5. Faded Paper Figures – When the Book Ends – silken vocals ooze softly over glitchy fills and its perfect 3:15 length, deftly contemplating the very end of days. [mp3]
4. Spoon – Written in Reverse – a melodic bomb seeking its craterous destiny, a swirling storm of melodies and stomped piano wrenched off at the edges and doomed to forever be repeated. [mp3]
3. Graffiti6 – Free – because it doesn’t get more genuine than “I can’t live on without you, without you, and it’s hard to breathe when you’re not near” and because this song infiltrates my bloodstream like a drug. Because if this song was a photograph, it would be grainy and overexposed, saturated in joy, melting in your hands. [mp3]
2. Field Music – Measure – Doesn’t need many lyrics to be great. Sounds old and new at the same time and has a killer bassline. One of the freshest, cohesive bands working today. [mp3]
1. Fyfe Dangerfield – When You Walk Into the Room – kick, snare, hats, lasers, lightning, contagious love. oh, the simple things that make up my favorite song of 2010. I wrote more about it here. [mp3]

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