Listening Assignments 1.23.2010

In Listening Assignments on January 3, 2011 at 10:51 am

1. Wye Oak – My Neighbor – This song is like going through a jangly car wash of guitars, being soaked in riffage and the gleeful splashing of cymbals, and emerging sweaty and satisfied. [from My Neighbor/My Creator EP|buy]
2. Jonsi – Boy Lillikoi – Light-blades flashing, sunlight stabbing, sunblood spilling, fiery rebirth from pools of molten mercury. [from Go|buy]
3. Panda Bear – Slow Motion – Slow Motion? More like stop motion. More like snapshots, snapped milliseconds apart, snapped back together with snapped finger buttons. A shot-snapping, lurching, horizontal escalator. You’re traveling without moving, pulled in three directions by warped piano strings. [from Tomboy 7”|buy]
4. The Dears – Omega Dog – Piquing my interest in the new Dears’ record coming out in February is this little ditty. At first tight and smart, a little Prince funky, eventually developing into a darker and grittier, desolate urban wasteland-type track.  Reminds me a bit of one of my favorite records of all time Radiohead’s OK Computer, complete with clashing feedback at the back end.  [from Degeneration Street (out 2.14)|pre-order]


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