Listening Assignments 1.17.12

In Uncategorized on January 17, 2012 at 4:08 pm

1. Jim Guthrie – So Small – intimacy. delicacy. aplomb. whimsy. harmony. eloquence. this one is for you, Jeff. Love you, buddy. [from Now, More than Ever|buy]
2. Haywood – Plow – Wow, this song is 10 years old, a fact that I find easy and hard to believe simultaneously.  I miss music like this. It’s hard to believe I’m 29. This song is about plowing snow, but it doesn’t have to say so lyrically for you to feel it. Maybe it’s that Weakerthans-esque air lying coldly between the lines, the sparse arpeggiation of a clean guitar, the simple and straightforward vocals speaking warmly into your ear. A tribute to a memory frozen in time. [from We Are Amateurs, You and I|buy]
3. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – How Can You Love Me? – ahh, another unfair omission from my top 25. I was rather sloppy this year, wasn’t I? Oh well, no regrets. Neo-funk, squished through two tinny 1” speakers. Old becomes new, love becomes lost, fuzz becomes clear. It’s short and sweet, but bordering on profound. [from Unknown Mortal Orchestra|buy]
4. Bon Iver – Beth/Rest (piano version) – If the past is any indication, the closing track from every Bon Iver record will continue to be sprawling epics of raw emotion that will destroy me, each in their own little ways. The album version has gotten flak for being too Journey/Bruce Hornsby, but I’d consider myself a Journey/Bruce Hornsby fan, so… This version reveals just how amazing the song actually is. Gone are the electric keys and saxophones, the layered vocals and undecipherable falsettos. What remains can only be described as beautiful. [from Bon Iver|buy]


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