Me. Sun Records. Memphis, TN. 2003

Hi there. I’m Drew, a music-enthusiast/writer/artist/bartender/lover/fighter/beer-freak from Norfolk, VA.  I used to treat blogging like a job, though it didn’t pay much in the way of money. Eventually it got old, thanks largely to Google buying Blogger, deleting posts without any proof of copyright infringement, not responding to complaints, and generally being big a-holes about the whole thing. I twittered for about 6 months to keep the creative juices flowing and finally switched over to WP to see if the fire was still within me. It’ll be a little different this time around, but hopefully just as rewarding. Thanks for being here.

  1. best music blog i have ever found

  2. Andrew, (nice name!), that was probably the highest compliment I could hope to receive. Thank you.

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