Sappy FTW!

In Uncategorized on December 5, 2009 at 5:46 am

As I write this, I’ve apparently run out of bandwidth. Which is strange because I’m not so much of a blogger anymore. But people are still coming, viewing the page, downloading the music. So in a sense, this blog is very much alive. If you came here for the first time, directed from elsewhere on this big blue ball, and found something you’d never heard before, this blog is very much alive indeed. And I’m proud of that.

Still, it’s obvious that I’ve lost something. “Passion” wouldn’t be the word. I think “the words” would be the word.  I didn’t set out to rule the internet, or get 400 (or even 100) visits a day, or have 600+ posts to look back at and think “damn” about. But 800+ posts happened and 400 visits a day happened, and I thought to myself “damn” quite a few times. And I spent literally countless hours listening to new music (most of which sucked a lot) to find the gems to tell you about 5-6 times a week for over 3 years now…but the well seems to have slowed to a trickle. It’s still flowing…the wheels turn behind the scenes…the music is still coming through the speakers on this end…but for some reason it’s just not speaking to me the same way it used to. I need to be really moved by something to be able to talk about it. I only write about things I love, a thing that really separates me from many other popular bloggers out there. I’m not really here to tell you about tour dates or new videos or whatever else the publicists want me to post. I’m here to share with you an experience that changed me, that I hope might change you. That’s it. The whole banana.

So, forgive me if the posts became slim and rare and maybe you took me off your bookmarks altogether. Regardless, I thank you for helping this little voice I put out there resonate against something or someone, more importantly. It’s 4:45am and I’m here typing words into a program, listening to music. It feels like old times again for this small moment. I’m still here, and I’m still posting things from time to time. I hope you tune in when you have spare seconds of time. I hope we can find new things to love together. Holy God, this is amazingly sappy. For the win!

  1. You sir have been a great source of the music I listen to nowadays. I followed from the first listening assignments on the Mae boards and and have never been disappointed with one of your recommendations. I really don’t know what I’d do without Chris Merritt, A Northern Chorus, or countless other bands I now count as favorites because of this blog. The amount of work you put into this has always been astounding, and I hope, even at a decreased rate, that you’ll continue posting for awhile. I hope end of the year lists are in still in order. Always my favorite posts of yours.

  2. Hey man, I’m in the same situation as Taylor. I started going to LinesThroughLines way back when you started posting listening assignments on the Mae message boards. That was years ago, but still to this day I visit your blog one day a week and download a lot of the music you put up. This may sound cheesy, but you’ve changed my life. You’ve exposed hundreds of amazing bands to random people like me. Through that, I’ve diversified my music tastes and this has helped me to meet and befriend amazing people around the world who like the same bands. Seriously dude, I always get nervous when you put up posts like this because I get scared that you’ll stop posting music and I’ll stop having new music to listen or talk about. Also, you seem to have a way of finding amazing bands before the rest of the world does. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing because by posting up music, you’ve probably changed the lives of a bunch of other people like me. So with that, I just want to say thanks.

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